Dried Flower Delivery

Why we think you should send dried flower deliveries.

dried flower delivery

In recent years the popularity of dried flowers has increased massively, as has the availability of dried flowers in colour and variety.

 With the awareness of sustainability and sensible flower sourcing turning to dried flowers was no brainer for us.

dried flower delivery with box

Many fresh flowers are grown under artificial conditions all through the year. Bright lights, chemicals and water are being used to promote a global industry of flowers growing where flowers are shipped around the world 24 hours. You can buy Peonies in December and Anemones in July.

 The whole approach to flower growing goes against the very nature of the product its self, to produce life. Flowers provide nutrients for bees, insects and small mammals. To pollenate, to provide energy to the natural environment and then to die and provide nutrients for the soil.

If you’ve ever seen the Billion Dollar flower industry program on Channel 4 you’ll know exact what I’m talkIing about.

 With all of this in mind I started to lean towards the use of dried flowers and botanicals. They do still have there areas of concerns, don't get me wrong but they what offer is value, longevity and meaning. Instead of throwing away flowers after a week you can keep these for a year, two years and more.

 We also source our dried flowers in bulk meaning the carbon delivery foot print in reduced and we store flowers that have been harvested at particular times of the year to be used through out our calendar without artificially growing them out of season.

 Our dried flower delivery services means you can gift sustainable knowing that the flowers sourced are kinder to planet but still offering a botanical splash of colour and that all important message “I’m thinking of you”

 So next time you’re thinking of sending of red roses in February ask yourself where did these flowers come from? How come I can buy roses in February when I live in the UK?

We deliver handmade dried flower bouquets across the UK 5 days a week with a next day delivery service. Cut off 12pm the day before.

Here are a selection of our dried flower delivery bouquets.