Reflections on January and why sending dried flowers in the winter is a good thing.

January its always a great time of year for florists to swap our scissors and early mornings for our laptops.

 Piet Oudolf ~ Image Esquire

With the start of the year comes a shift in the event season and diaries.

January always provides time when we can plan for the year ahead, book in weddings for newly engaged couples and think about the events and clients we would like to work with. We can also reflect on the previous years work, think about style and future designs. Flowers have in many ways the same shifts in creative identity as fashion. Trends come and go and there is always room for experiments, learning and improvement.

For those florists who grow their own flowers its also a good time for further planning their planting and growing season. Most flowers can be planted once the weather warms and some will already be in the ground waiting for spring, like narcissi, ranunculus, anemones and tulips. 

The winter months also allows florists to work with more dried flowers. These flowers will have been harvested from the year before and stored, perfectly dried for this time of year.

Dried flowers natural aesthetic compliments the winter atmosphere and whilst you can often think of them as browns and beiges there is an amazing wealth vibrate colours available. I try to buy my dried flowers in bulk when they are in abundance at the end of summer and use them throughout this season. This means less transport emissions, less waste from fresh flowers and you’re giving dried flowers another opportunity to shine.

We all know fresh flowers are available all year round, roses and peonies show up on shelves but they are imported from across the globe, grown under artificial lights and with chemicals. They use water and energy that could be saved for more important purposes. By buying dried flower bouquets during the winter season you’re doing a little something to help the planet.

So this January think about gifting dried flowers bouquets as an alternative to fresh flowers while still enjoying all the fun and colour of flowers in the home.

Final point , dried flowers also last ALOT longer fresh flowers, forget a week of blooms think more like a year!

Happy January all!


Images credits ~

Image 1 - Piet Oudolf Garden Esquire magazine

Image 2 - Design by Nature Creme Bouquet

Image 3 - Burnt Orange Bouquet