Learn How To Make An Abstract Flower Sculpture ~ By Emily From Design By Nature Flowers


Learn how to make very own abstract flower sculpture. This is a quick movie showing how I created this flower hanging.

The central ball structure is made from willow that was bent and tied into a ball. This core structure can be reused over and over again for future projects. Some of the dried flowers have also been dried and kept from leftover flowers in the studio using up waste from previous projects.

Tips for arranging your flowers in a large sculpture: Place the botanical elements in groups, this allows the eye to easily enjoy the feature and it highlights certain botanical products. For example, the corn all being on the lefthand side is more striking than have lots of small bits of corn placed all over the feature.

In the same way as the botanical flowers work in groups this applies to colour by grouping these together, naturally this will happen with each flower type but have the brightest colours and complimenting tones together.

Work on this in 3D and hanging to allow the correct weighting of the piece. You want all sides of the feature to look good as it spins around and to be covered.

Leave a small area of the willow ball open with no flowers, this helps with creating an asymmetric style.